Depicting natural life–people, wildlife and landscapes–is my strength. My medium is watercolor. Through the use of Photoshop, I am further equipped to revise watercolors in ways that were not traditionally feasible, as shown below.

Shhhhhhhh! The babies are sleeping.

the actual watercolor illustration

revised watercolor illustration

revised watercolor illustration

Like many others, I have been an artist from an early age. What sets me apart from others is:
 I have lived in two foreign nations and traveled much of the world, a very mind-opening experience.
 I have raised two children, a rather character-building experience.
 Through these and other blessings I have come to realize that life is beautiful, that every one and everything, no matter how challengingly presented, is one small part of the same benevolent universe, founded on love.

Besides my art, I love hiking, downhill skiing, tennis, gardening, all four seasons, and generally being outside as much as possible, any time of year, for almost any reason whatsoever. I continue to love travel, basking in the food, fashion, culture and languages that ornament the earth.

Blessings to you today and always.


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